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Healthy Community Concept

The appointment of a Healthy Community Cabinet was to advance the objectives of the Healthy Community Charter and to realize the goals of the Healthy Community Strategy. The Healthy Community Cabinet oversaw the work of multiple sub-committees and collectively guided the successful creation of various initiatives that improved the human health and sustainability of the city. The guidance and actions of the Healthy Community Cabinet were critical and significantly influenced both citizens’ and communities’ inspiration, inclusion, and resilience.

The following Terms of Reference were established for the years 2010-2014 to help guide the Healthy Community Cabinet in achieving their goals.

A healthy community that is inclusive, resilient and sustainable

The Healthy Community Initiative embraces a broad vision of health while focusing on transformative change, sustainability and the social determinants of health associated with four strategic priorities: Human Health and Well-Being , Environmental Sustainability, Social Capital and Economic Vitality.

Core Values:
The Healthy Community Initiative values:

  • balancing economic, environmental and social development;
  • recognizing and celebrating progress and achievements;
  • creating a supportive and caring environment that fosters active living and wellness;
  • broadening participation and community engagement;
  • empowering the community to take ownership of their health and well-being; and
  • transforming education through mentoring, modeling, education and advocacy.

The purpose of the City of Greater Sudbury Healthy Community Cabinet is to implement the Healthy Community Strategy by using the Regional Centre of Expertise on education for sustainable development (RCE) model as a guide for sustainable development.


Seek continued endorsement of the Healthy Community Charter as well as enhancing best practices associated with the RCE, and communicate its importance to the community.

Mobilize stakeholders to participate in the vision of the Healthy Community Cabinet and Healthy Community Strategy.

Implement the RCE model on education for sustainable development using the Healthy Community Strategy as a guide.

Routinely inform Council about the progress achieved by the Healthy Community Cabinet and its subcommittees.

Inform and update the United Nations University by submitting interim reports on RCE activities, as required.

A detailed Terms of Reference for the Healthy Community Cabinet to Mayor and Council Terms of Reference for the years of 2010 to 2014 can be accessed by selecting Terms of Reference.